Ultroser™ Serum Substitute

Ultroser™ G serum substitute can successfully replace FCS (fetal calf serum) in cell culture medium. It is designed for the in vitro culture of anchorage-dependent cells. It is specially tested as the primary culture from amniotic liquid cells and is designed to confirm their ability for karyotyping. 

Ultroser G serum substitute is CE mark-certified. 

Features and Benefits

∨  Semi-defined composition ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility

∨  Low protein content

∨  Easy use and storage

Ultroser G serum substitute has a concentration five times higher than fetal calf serum (2 % of reconstituted Ultroser G serum substitute is equivalent to 10%  fetal calf serum in the basal medium).

Quality Control Tests

Tests usually performed on Ultroser G serum substitute are:

  • Physicochemical parameters
    •  pH
    • Protein concentration
    • Sterility control
    • Bacteria & Fungi
    • Bovine viruses (BHV1-DVB/MM, hemadsorbents)
    • Mycoplasma
  • Proliferation capacity on Hep G2
  • Karyotyping