Aseptic Connectivity

Simplify Fluid Handling with Diverse Aseptic Connection and Disconnections

Take the mystery out of aseptic connection and disconnection between process systems with our industry-leading portfolio of options. From ready-to-use fluid transfer systems to standalone components and tools for aseptic connection and disconnection components, Sartorius has your ideal solution.

Transfer Sets and Tubing

Aseptic Connection

Aseptic Disconnection

Transfer Sets and Tubing

Tuflux® Transfer Sets

Tuflux® Silicone Tubing

Aseptic Connection

Opta® Aseptic Connectors

Single-use device, composed of a female and male coupling body for a sterile connection in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

BioWelder® Tube Welder

BioWelder TC is a fully automated device for connecting thermoplastic tubing in a sterile welding operation.

Aseptic Disconnection

BioSeal® Tube Sealer

Fully automated device used for sterile disconnection designed to produce permanent and consistent leak-free seals on thermoplastic tubing.

QUICKSEAL® Aseptic Disconnectors

Intuitive system for aseptic seal and disconnection on the widest range of tube materials and sizes. Simply cut the collar for aseptic disconnection.

Clipster® Aseptic Disconnectors

Ideal for single-use transfer lines and bag assemblies, Clipster® may be pre-assembled or field installed for point-of-use disconnection.