OEM Weigh Cells & High Resolution Load Cells

For both lab and process applications, Sartorius will engineer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) weigh cells and load cells as solutions for integration of a force or weighing sensor into your plant equipment or machine. Sartorius offers weigh cells featuring electromagnetic force compensation, and electronic modules that can be installed in or connected to other equipment requiring a weighing function in order to be operable. 

Basic OEM-Weigh Cells

Feature an electromagnetic force compensation system that provides the essential weighing technology components for your system integration.

Explosion Protected IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells with CE

Explosion-protected weigh cells for use in hazardous areas suited for Zone 1 and 2 with gases of group IIC and temperature class T4.

High Precision OEM-Weigh Cells

High precision weigh cells with a resolution and a repeatability of up to 0.001 mg respectively ± 0.002 mg featuring an automatic weighing system.

Profi Line IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells with CE

Profi Line IP44 weigh cells with resolutions and capacities of up to 0.1 mg, respectively 8,200 g, featuring an automatic weighing system.