Multi-Use Batch Chromatography Systems

Companies may want to maximize utilization of their facility and existing assets while non-value-added activities are being eliminated. Risks in operations and failure in supply must be prevented. Fully automated system platforms with proven scalability, accompanied by extensive service pre and post-sales, can reduce process costs for large scale manufacturing facilities. PK Systems offer reliable standard and customized stainless-steel based solutions, drainable flow path, with or without steaming in place. High precision sensors allow for wide operational flow rates and in-line dilution options.

Find the Right Solution for Your Chromatography Process

PKP and PK systems have identical performance yet differ in flexibility. 
Attributes PK System PKP System
Scale of operation  Platform for commercial manufacturing  Platform for Pilot scale operation, scale up/down studies 
Automation  Focus on robust operation;  

Includes Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) 

Increased flexibility as needed for pilot studies and scale; Analytical Tool 
Mobility  ≥990x1300mm; 250kg  600x600mm; 80kg on a mobile cart 
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