Single-Use Batch Chromatography Systems

Implementation of single-use technology can lead to significant savings in capital, materials, labor, and facility operating costs.  

This can be achieved with our Standard Allegro single-use chromatography system platform, along with standard SU accessory equipment. Or it might lead to the creation of a custom design. The custom designs will still retain the core components that we have validated for use in the Allegro single-use chromatography system.   

A review of your specific process needs with our global Integrated Solutions team (INSO) will ensure a solution is offered to meet precisely all of the process requirements. 

Find the Right Solution for Your Chromatography Process

The Allegro single-use chromatography system is a system designed for pilot scale, clinical production batches, and commercial production. The flexible modular system design enables column and membrane operation with isocratic or gradient set up options. 
Attributes Allegro™ Single-Use Chromatography System
Mode of Operation  Capture, Bind and Elute and Flow-Through 
Hold up volume  Single-Use flow-path by multi-port pinch valves have hold up volumes equivalent to traditional Multi-Use block valves
Multi Product Operation  The flow rate per column or membrane can be optimized for the process by choosing one out of two tubing sizes; Sensors are pre-calibrated while installing a new flow path is easy and intuitive. 
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 Allegro™ Single-Use Chromatography System

The Single-Use Flow Path design in Allegro is unique in its kind as all the flow path crossings are implemented as compact manifold blocks. This fact also simplifies the change-over between batches or between products. One system hardware covers an operational flow range up to 900 L/h, typically sufficient for columns from 10 to 60 cm diameter and membranes from 75ml to 3L. 


⅜ in. Manifolds 

½ in. Manifolds 

Volumetric Flow 

10 to 500 L/h 

20 to 900 L/h 

Column Diameter 

10 to 60 cm 

Tubing Internal Diameter 

⅜ in. 

½ in. 

Hold Up Volume 

0.5 L 

1 L 

Pressure Rating 

0 to 4 bar 

Single Use Diaphragm pumps 

1 -2 (dependent on configuration) 


6 (per pump) 



Pre-column sensor options 

Conductivity, pH, flow meter, temperature 

Post-column sensor options 

Conductivity, pH, UV, flow meter, temperature 

Pressure Sensors 



System Technical Specifications

System Capacity ⅜ in. Manifolds ½ in. Manifolds
Volumetric flow 10 to 500 L/h 20 to 900 L/h
Column diameter 10 – 60 cm
Tubing ID ⅜ in. (0.95 cm) ½ in. (1.27 cm)
Hold-up volume 0.5 L 1.0 L
Pressure rating 0 to 4 bar
System pump Up to x 2 diaphragm (single-use)
Inlets 6 per pump
Outlets 4
Instruments Location Range and Accuracy
Air sensor Pre column (integrated into flow sensor) Ultrasonic (0 to 100%)
Level sensor Bubble trap (filter) Capacitive (0 to 100%)
Pressure sensor Post pump, pre column, post column -0.5 to 4 bar
Conductivity sensor Pre column (optional), post column 0 to 150 mS/cm (± 2% ± 0.4 μS/cm)
Temperature sensor Part of conductivity sensor 5 to 40 °C (≤ 0.8% of measured value)
pH sensor Pre column (optional), post column ± 0.1 pH unit
UV detector Post column 0 to 3 AU @ 280 nm, ± 0.5%
Flow meter Pre column, post pump (optional) 0-500 or 0-1000 L/h ± 3% of reading or 3% of full range (whichever is greater)

System Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (W x D x H) 186 x 80 x 180 cm (73 x 31.6 x 71 in.)
Weight (Net) 550 kg (1213 lb)