Specialty Weighing Solutions

Specialized Expertise to Suit your Weighing Needs Across all Segments

Our expertise in weighing technology spans many industries, applications, and segments. Experience unparalleled accuracy with our weighing technology suited to provide exceptional precision for your applications.

Our specialized solutions meet all of your weighing needs, including pipette calibration, particulate matter analysis, paint mixing solutions, pharma balances, and HPLC Sample Preparation.

HPLC Sample Preparation

With a weighing accuracy of up to five decimal places and a
48,000-step resolution, your solvent will be dispensed

Pharma Balances

New high-capacity micro balances provide the world’s highest
resolution of more than 60 million divisions in micro weighing

Particulate Matter Analysis

Ultra-microbalances, microbalances and analytical balances for
the measurement of particulate quantities in the nanorange for

Pipette Calibration

Fast, user-friendly and portable solutions provide the best features
for accurate gravimetric testing of any pipette size.

Paint Mixing Solutions

Paint mixing is easy, fast and reliable with our Industry Standard Line of paint mixing scales and terminals, as well as services.